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Mars, PA

Brickyard Kennel - Pet Kennel | Mars, PA

Jerry and Laurel have owned Brickyard Kennels for over 15 years. Jerry has worked at the kennel for 25+ years as a groomer and kennel assistant, and Laurel has been a part of the kennel for 15 years.

Experienced pet caretakers

Jerry and Laurel both have at least 30 years’ experience in obedience training, training their own dogs, showing, breeding, etc.

Having been obedience instructors for many years, Jerry and Laurel have been involved in dog related activities for most of their lives.


Because they own and run the kennel, they do not have much time to do obedience training or travel to dog shows; however, they still try to participate in some local shows.


Jerry and Laurel own several Bernese Mountain Dogs, two Aussies and 2 Himalayan cats.

"Brickyard is the only kennel we will use because of its cleanliness and the love and care that Jerry, Laurel and staff give the animals."

About the owners