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Mars, PA

Brickyard Kennel - Pet Kennel | Mars, PA
before and after dog transformation

When dropping off your pet at Brickyard Kennels, why not book a grooming service during its stay? Your pet will be freshly trimmed and shampooed at the time of pick up! Call us to learn more about these services!

Full service grooming

At Brickyard Kennels, we offer full service grooming services for your pet! We provide grooming, nail grinding, special shampoos (flea treatment) and degreasing shampoos (brightening, medicated, oatmeal).

Groom package

Our groom packages range in size and price. We offer small, medium and large breed grooming packages. Call to learn more!


Pricing may vary, depending on the size of the pet, difficulty of grooming and matting. Call us for specific pricing.

Call to inquire about our grooming packages!

Attractive grooming services