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Mars, PA

Brickyard Kennel - Pet Kennel | Mars, PA

Health and wellness for your dog

Brickyard Kennels asks that you disclose any health problems your dog has at the time you make your reservation. We will also ask for an emergency number where you can be reached in the event of a problem.

Medical care to put your mind at ease

If your dog is in need of medical attention during its time at Brickyard Kennels, we will reach out to your personal vet for medical attention.


If your vet is not available, we will then use our vet, who is close-by. There is also a nearby emergency clinic for problems needing immediate attention.

Returning clients

If you are a returning client of ours, we just ask that you simply bring us updated records when your pet receives new inoculations.


We require a proof of vaccinations when you board with us the first time. Your vet can provide you with a copy, if you do not have the information. Most dogs should have their distemper (DHLPP), Bordetella (kennel cough), and Rabies shots up-to-date.

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