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Mars, PA

Brickyard Kennel - Pet Kennel | Mars, PA

Affordable kennel fees

Brickyard Kennels offers fair and affordable pricing for all boarding services. Boarding charges begin at the time of your pet's arrival. You will be charged for a full day, even if you drop your pet off in the evening.

Check out times and deposits

Check out time is 11:00AM. If you pick up your pet before 11:00AM, you will not be charged for this day. Since our hours are 6:00PM to 8:00PM on Sundays, you will not be able to pick up your pet before 11:00AM that day and you will be charged for the full day.


From Memorial Day through Labor Day and all major holidays, we require a three-day deposit at the time that you make the reservation. This deposit will be deducted from your bill at checkout.


You are responsible for the dates you reserve and will be charged for those dates if you do not give us adequate notice of changes. Adequate notice is required AT LEAST 4 DAYS before your reservation date to give us time to fill the space with someone from our waiting list.


  • Dogs: $32.00 per day

  • 2 Dogs (same family): $54.00 per day

  • Cats: $20.00 per day

  • Playtime: $5.00 per session

  • Medications: $0.50 per dose for oral medications, $2.00 per dose for injections

"The kennel itself is clean, bright and smells good. Our cats have always come home looking well cared for."