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Mars, PA

Brickyard Kennel - Pet Kennel | Mars, PA

Playtime and activity

Playtime and activity is an important part of your dog's life! Supervised by our staff, our playtime service is available at an additional $5.00 charge and is usually about 10 minutes. We have toys in the play area for your dogs to play with, or they can just run around and get a little extra exercise!

About our facility

Brickyard Kennels' playtimes are offered to one dog at a time. Putting multiple dogs together at once could put your dog and other dogs at risk. We want to ensure the safety of your pet!


We have many years of obedience training experience, so we have seen it all! We know that group play is a dangerous risk and want to take every precaution possible to avoid injuries. Although it can be more time consuming to only have playtime for one dog at a time, we feel that this is the safest way for dogs to enjoy their time outside!

Sign up today!

Playtime is an additional $5.00 per playtime. You can sign your dog up for 1 playtime a day, one every other day, 2 times a day, twice a week, etc.

The specifics

  • Appx. 10-15 minutes

  • 1-on-1 Interaction

  • Balls, Toys, Frisbees, etc.

  • Customizable Number of Playtimes

  • $5.00 per Playtime

We are a state licensed and inspected facility.